Payments API

Payments API 

The Payments API allows third party applications to initiate payments from a bank client's account on his behalf. 



Payment initiation through Third Party Providers can be used by Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. clients who have access to an open current account available on Internet/ Mobile banking. 


Type of payments

The following payment products are available through PISP API:

  • domestic-credit-transfers-hr- transaction currency is „HRK“ and creditor IBAN starts with „HR*“
  • hr-rtgs-payments- urgent transaction in HRK currency  and creditor IBAN starts with „HR*“
  • sepa-credit-transfers- transaction currency is „EUR“, destination bank is SEPA reachable, all mandatory fields for SEPA payment are filled
  • target-2-payments - transaction currency is „EUR“, destination bank is target2 reachable
  • cross-border-credit-transfers- any other payment not meeting conditions of above payments

The bank performs the regular checks and validations for payments initiated by clients directly through RBA channels including availability of funds.

Payment type is decided automatically by Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. depending on the payment details of initiated payment. 

All payments types are supported as immediate or future dated. 

Payments between different currencies on the same account (currency conversions) are not supported. 


Time schedule for execution of payment transactions

Remember to check periods for payment order submitting in order to have payments processed at the time you request.

Cut of time periods for payments initiated via the current internet banking are available on our web:


Payment fees

Payments placed via the open banking are charged to clients of Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. same as the payments initiated via the current internet banking according to your pricing plan. 


Exchange rates

Exchange rates are the same as used on the current internet banking. You can check exchage rate  using our currency calculator.  Also, all current exchange rates can be checked on this link.